24 hour Cancellation Policy:

When clients provide at least 24-Hour notice of cancellation the class or session is NOT charged. With 24-Hour notice we can re-book the spot, rearrange our schedule and/or cancel instructors. If a FULL 24-Hour Notice of Cancellation is NOT given, the class or session will be charged (UNLESS WE CAN FILL THE SPACE).

There are NO exceptions to the cancellation policy. Please understand that we cannot judge personal situations causing late cancels from all of our clients. Some clients choose to come to their session under the same circumstances that other clients feel they need to cancel. Some clients cancel early if they anticipate an emergency while other clients wait until the last minute to decide. We must be consistent and fair to all clients and cannot grant exceptions.

Credit Card Policy:

Client’s credit card is only used to hold class. Client will settle sale at the time of class and can pay with check, cash or bring card to be swiped at time of class. The credit card entered WILL BE CHARGED if client does not show up for class or if class is cancelled late (within 24 hours of class time). Please note that ALL credit card transactions are subject to a 3% transaction fee, this INCLUDES cards charged for no-shows and late cancellations.

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