Pilates Apparatus Classes

During a PRIVATE apparatus class, a client will use a Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table (aka Cadillac), Chair, Arc and Ladder Barrel.

During a DUET apparatus, clients will use Pilates Reformers, Chairs, Arcs and Springboards.


The Pilates Reformer is an original piece of Pilates equipment developed by Joesph Pilates, which has a moving carriage and uses springs and pulleys to create resistance. Reformer repertoire focuses on proper alignment while strengthening the core, legs, arms, back and butt.  Great for post-physical therapy rehabilitation for many different injuries.

The Pilates Trapeze Table (aka Cadillac, shown left) is an original piece of Pilates equipment developed by Joesph Pilates, which uses springs to create resistance.


The Pilates Springboard (shown right) is a  piece of equipment designed by Ellie Herman and is very much like the Tower (or one side of the Trap Table/Cadillac). The Springboard offers spring resistance training for the legs, arms, back, butt and belly.

The Pilates Arc is a traditional Step Barrel/Spine Corrector (originally created by Joesph Pilates) redesigned to be a lightweight, compact and versatile piece of exercise equipment. It’s a great tool to mobilize the spine, shoulders and hips and supports core, abdominal, lateral rotation and back extension work.

The Pilates Ladder Barrel is the largest of the barrels that Joseph Pilates created to help his students stabilize, strengthen and stretch their bodies. This apparatus consists of a large barrel that is connected to a ladder with a sliding base that can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and levels of fitness. With its design, the ladder barrel is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that allows for stretching and strengthening for everyone from the Pilates novice to the most advanced client.

combo chairThe Combo and the EXO chairs are contemporary adaptations of Joesph Pilate’s Wunda Chair.  Pilates Chairs use a pedal with spring resistance and was designed to strengthen muscle groups not easily reached by more traditional techniques and equipment.  Chair workouts focus on upper and lower body strength and conditioning, and enhance stability, body control and balance.

While it is recommended that clients take an hour long class, we realize that this is not feasible with everyone’s schedule.  For this reason, we offer several different options for Apparatus Classes.


24 hour Cancellation Policy:

When clients provide at least 24-Hour notice of cancellation the class or session is NOT charged. With 24-Hour notice we can re-book the spot, rearrange our schedule and/or cancel instructors.  If a FULL 24-Hour Notice of Cancellation is NOT given, the class or session will be charged (UNLESS WE CAN FILL THE SPACE).

There are NO exceptions to the cancellation policy.  Please understand that we cannot judge personal situations causing late cancels from all of our clients. Some clients choose to come to their session under the same circumstances that other clients feel they need to cancel. And some clients cancel early if they anticipate an emergency while other clients wait until the last minute to decide. We must be consistent and fair to all clients and cannot grant exceptions.

Pilates PRIVATE AND DUET Apparatus Pricing

Taught by PMA Certified Instructor:
One Hour Sessions:
Private Sessions:
$650/10 sessions
$1,200/20 sessions
Duets (per person):
$350/10 sessions
$600/20 sessions
 45- Minute Sessions:
Private Sessions:
$500/10 sessions
$900/20 sessions
Duets (per person):
$280/10 sessions
$480/20 sessions
Taught by Apprentice Instructor:
One Hour Sessions:
Private Sessions:
Duets (per person):
Please Note:
All 10 session packages will expire 11 weeks from the date of the first session.

All 20 session package will expire 21 weeks from the date of the first session.

For more information on Apparatus Classes or to schedule a session visit https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/adm/home.asp?studioid=16272 under the Appointments Tab or email PilatesWV@gmail.com

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